Saturday, August 31, 2013

Is It true? LG G Pad 8.3 detailed: LG returns to the tablet fold with Full HD

Is It true? Lexus GS450h F SPORT: The best hybrid Toyota won’t sell you

Is It true? Sony QX10 and QX100 Lens Camera pricing leaks

Is It true? Toyota RAV4 EV first drive

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy Note III to see budget edition while 2014 holds full metal jacket

Friday, August 30, 2013

Is It true? Gel-based ionic speaker makes music from a clear stretchy membrane

Is It true? Target Ticket video service reportedly to launch for consumers soon

Is It true? US agencies performed 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, leak reveals

Is It true? Microsoft avoids proxy hassle by striking cooperation agreement with ValueAct Capital

Is It true? iPad mini rentals offered to fliers for the first time in the US by Hawaiian Airlines

Is It true? Skype is working on 3D video calls says executive

Is It true? Facebook “Trending” box in testing as Twitter-aping continues

Is It true? Google Project Loon explains smart balloons for flocking internet

Is It true? iBooks price-fix settlement hits $162.25m but Apple appeal delays payout

Is It true? Nokia Lumia 1020 heading to Canada on TELUS and Rogers

Is It true? Hybrids and EVs could soon cost up to $4k more Toyota warns

Is It true? Apple support vacation blackout dates suggest September iPhone launch

Is It true? BlackBerry 10 loses Morgan Stanley upgrade commitment insiders claim

Is It true? Google acquires WIMM Labs for smartwatch finesse

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy Note III, Xperia Z1 release dates spilled by 3 UK roadmap

Is It true? Foursquare investment considered by Microsoft and American Express

Is It true? Google Play app beta program continues to expand with Twitter

Is It true? Huawei Honor 3 launches as a 4.7-inch water-friendly smartphone

Is It true? LG G2 Hands-on with benchmark tests

Is It true? NVIDIA gives Batman: Arkham Origins a bump with GPU team-up

Is It true? iPhone trade-in program launching at Apple retail today

Is It true? Nokia HERE Auto brings end-to-end solution to the dash

Is It true? iPhone 5S release signaled by Walmart iPhone 5 price drop

Is It true? Amazon to alter price policy banning third parties from selling cheaper elsewhere

Is It true? Crytek Warface to hit Xbox 360 in 2014

Is It true? World’s fastest train resumes testing in Japan

Is It true? HP EliteDisplay E221c features IPS tech and integrated webcam

Is It true? Chinese Xiaomi Red Rice smartphone has $85 BOM

Is It true? Skylanders Swap Force coming to Nintendo 3DS

Is It true? Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE edition lands in Europe

Is It true? Mac hack offers super user status by resetting the clock

Is It true? Mobile billing adds new payment option to PlayStation Store

Is It true? HERE Auto brings Nokia’s connected car vision to life

Is It true? Xbox One voice commands limited to the US, UK, CA, FR, and DE at launch

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is It true? BBM for iPhone and Android semi-functional launch page goes live

Is It true? Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro price cuts become permanent

Is It true? iPhone 5S Gold and Graphite shells appear in video with iPhone 5 structure comparison

Is It true? LG V960 IPS 21:9 UltraWide all-in-one PC to be showcased at IFA 2013

Is It true? T-Mobile Moto X will be available only via Google Play according to leak

Is It true? NSA has super secret hacker collective according to newly revealed Snowden docs

Is It true? Huawei claims to be developing 5G networks, expects to launch them in 2020

Is It true? SimCity for Mac issues causing some gamers frustration

Is It true? Aio Wireless to roll out nationwide next month

Is It true? Text Message sender could be liable for car wreck in NJ appeals court

Is It true? US Army makes another video game public with Proving Grounds

Is It true? iOS 7 AppleCare employee training schedule further supports a September 10 event

Is It true? Pressy for Android turns a headphone jack into a button

Is It true? Facebook Privacy rules changing: data collection, use, personalized ads

Is It true? Digital Storm HydroLux cooling unveiled with real-time temperature adjustments

Is It true? Archos Xenon tablet range makes no qualms with early iPad comparisons

Is It true? NVIDIA SHIELD update edges in on PC Streaming final release

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto V official trailer brings the drama

Is It true? Black Betty 2K camera houses Mac Mini for all-in-one studio setup

Is It true? iPhone 5S release September 20th based on T-Mobile blackout

Is It true? Moto X budget edition may include swappable casing colors

Is It true? Astronomers discover the sun’s much older twin

Is It true? Ford wraps 2014 Fiesta in bacon

Is It true? 4G network switch gets flipped for Vodafone and O2

Is It true? Apple tipped to open new retail store in Tokyo

Is It true? Garmin Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus cycle computers debut

Is It true? Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 DJ controller aims at DJ noobs

Is It true? OWC Data Doubler adds 3 TB of storage to your MacBook

Is It true? Samsung unveils printing innovations at IFA 2013

Is It true? Dell whips out new touchscreen monitors starting at $250

Is It true? Moto X now available on Verizon’s web store

Is It true? Verizon rekindles buyout talks with Vodafone

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is It true? iPhone 5S shows up on Gamestop’s website with trade-in pricing

Is It true? BLU Dash 5.0, Dash Music 4.0, and Dash Jr. added to line up

Is It true? LG LAP340 Sound Plate and Sound Bars to be showcased at IFA 2013

Is It true? Hugo Barra is leaving Google, will join Chinese handset maker Xiaomi [UPDATE]

Is It true? Authentise startup protects 3D printer blueprints by streaming data

Is It true? Nokia Lumia 1520 “Bandit” 6-inch Windows Phone reportedly appears in image

Is It true? Volvo Concept Coupe features plug-in hybrid driveline and 1960s design elements

Is It true? Angry Birds Star Wars 2 character gallery expands past 3-film limits

Is It true? Facebook Unity SDK brings high-powered gaming to the social network

Is It true? DROID Maxx Review

Is It true? Chevy 2014 Malibu becomes first US midsize sedan with stop/start technology standard

Is It true? Toyota wireless EV charging testing in 2014 as 4th-gen Prius teased

Is It true? SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 will record to a smartphone

Is It true? Beyond Megapixels: Mobile cameras rethink the numbers game

Is It true? Samsung and LG considering an anti-theft “kill-switch” on future devices

Is It true? Metro: Last Light OS X and Linux editions aim to prove 4A Engine flexibility

Is It true? Disney may offer final Clone Wars episodes exclusively on Apple TV

Is It true? Google Hangouts go HD with VP8 switch

Is It true? Nintendo 2DS unveiled: 3DS compatible in a dual-screen slate form factor

Is It true? Nokia 515 brings premium blend to top-tier feature phone

Is It true? Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 becomes first UAV to cross Bosphorus Strait

Is It true? Apple acquires AlgoTrim for speedier iPhone data

Is It true? Toyota: 5m US hybrid sales goal by 2016 is “friendly challenge”

Is It true? Apple patent app turns iPhone into a smart home universal remote control

Is It true? EA celebrates 25 years of domination with Madden NFL 25

Is It true? Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 projector offers 1080p and 3-D capability

Is It true? LG G2 soars into the stratosphere highlighting 13-megapixel OIS camera

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini breaks cover in Korea, S View flip cover in tow

Is It true? Inventec Tipped to Be Apple iWatch Builder

Is It true? Lenovo E and M Series AIO PCs Equipped with Discrete Graphics and SSHDs

Is It true? Logitech Unveils Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630/631

Is It true? Tear Down Pegs Google Moto X Build Cost at $221

Is It true? HTC at Work on Smartphone OS Targeting China

Is It true? Google Nexus 7 2013 Available in the UK and Japan Now

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is It true? Apple most targeted company by patent trolls

Is It true? Parallels Access for iPad offers remote access to Mac and Windows applications

Is It true? Government charges hacker with trying to sell the FBI supercomputer access

Is It true? Dell Latitude 3000, 5000, and 7000 Series laptops begin rolling out next month

Is It true? Ricoh HZ15 introduced with 16x optical zoom and ultra-wide lens

Is It true? YouTube to shelve video responses due to extremely low click-through rate

Is It true? Nexus 4 8GB and 16GB prices slashed

Is It true? Kobo Arc 7, 7HD, and 10HD tablets unveiled with Tegra inside

Is It true? Researchers create first ever human-to-human interface, use it to play a game

Is It true? Angry Birds GO teased by Rovio as DIY kart racer

Is It true? Nissan promises self-driving cars for the masses by 2020

Is It true? Moto X online off-contract availability begins today

Is It true? Chromecast iOS setup app arrives in the App Store

Is It true? Arrested Development Season 5 tipped (again) for Netflix after movie

Is It true? Neil Armstrong passes: first man on moon dies at 82

Is It true? Kyocera Hydro Elite hits Verizon with full waterproof abilities

Is It true? Galaxy Gear smartwatch confirmed by Samsung executive for September 4th

Is It true? Windows 8.1 heading to hardware partners ahead of public release

Is It true? Sony Xperia Z1 Honami teased in video trailer

Monday, August 26, 2013

Is It true? Sirius XM Radio hit with lawsuit over alleged failure to pay royalties

Is It true? Researchers modify GSM cell phones to function as cellular blocking device

Is It true? Sony NEX-5T succeeds NEX-5R with NFC, Wi-fi, touchscreen control

Is It true? iOS 7 September 10 release seemingly confirmed by developer email

Is It true? 2014 Nissan NV200 “Taxi of Tomorrow” production kicks off

Is It true? Facebook rolls out shared photo albums

Is It true? Microsoft’s Ballmer retirement more pushed than planned say sources

Is It true? MeCam ditches its rotors, launches as wearable HD camera

Is It true? Facebook Sponsored Stories privacy settlement approved by judge

Is It true? Google: Chromecast local streaming is coming (but you can’t have it yet)

Is It true? Official iPhone trade-in scheme tipped for September at Apple Stores

Is It true? Xbox One “red ring of death” chip heat precautions detailed

Is It true? Verizon Moto X available online first: in-store in coming weeks

Is It true? Xperia Z1 Honami appears from all angles

Is It true? Intel elaborates on depth camera tech: Ultrabook and tablet integration in 2014

Is It true? Tesla presents outsells Porsche, Jaguar, Buick in California

Is It true? Cyclops Gear CGLife 2 Video Glasses Hands-on

Is It true? Public Intelligence releases Android threat warning from Homeland Security and the FBI

Is It true? Pure Jongo T6 and T2 expand Sonos-rival range

Is It true? iPhone 5S “31% faster” A7 chip and motion-tracking rumored

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto V special edition content detailed

Is It true? Xbox 360 update officially does away with Microsoft Points

Is It true? Sony Xperia Tablet Z gets successful Ubuntu Touch port

Is It true? LG G Pad 8.3 teased in “just right” street video

Is It true? iPhone 5S leaked in full with new “graphite” color

Is It true? AllCast Chromecast app banned by Google

Is It true? Xbox One white edition pops up as employee-only incentive

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Is It true? MacBook Pro Haswell refresh tipped for September

Is It true? The next Microsoft CEO should be Elon Musk

Is It true? Sony Xperia Honami Mini leaks to join the palm-sized party

Is It true? GlassUP wearable display gets new release date

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Is It true? Microsoft’s Ballmer regrets Vista transition most of all

Is It true? iPhone 5C revealed in leaked back case and testing photos

Is It true? Bing product search update adds option to buy

Is It true? PlayStation Vita Remote Play turns on PS4

Is It true? Motorola DROID 5 leak shows QWERTY slider reborn

Is It true? PlayStation 4 will win 2013 sales, not the Xbox One

Is It true? Piper security system is a sleek way to monitor your home

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is It true? Google Glass won’t be showcased in Best Buy next year

Is It true? Facebook does away with physical gifts

Is It true? Elder Scrolls Online will use a monthly subscription business model

Is It true? Nokia threatens to leave India, calls it the “least favourable market”

Is It true? Moto X iFixit teardown shows ample glue, scores 7 out of 10

Is It true? Time Warner Cable giving away TV antennas to subscribers hit by CBS blackout

Is It true? Google search definitions and synonyms get expanded

Is It true? Sony Xperia i1 “Honami” waterproof teaser whets our appetites

Is It true? Fujifilm Instax mini 90 sports “Neo Classic” retro design

Is It true? iPhone 5S Gunmetal parts appear in Japanese repair shop

Is It true? Google self-driving car brand tipped after Big Auto turn down

Is It true? Omate suggests TrueSmart the first “Smartwatch 2.0″

Is It true? Mac Pro 2013 teaser video suggests launch is near

Is It true? iWork for iCloud beta testing now open for public

Is It true? Moto X broad carrier launch and dev phones “in days” Motorola says

Is It true? Infiniti EMERG-E First Drive

Is It true? Google Foxconn patent buy amps up augmented reality for Glass

Is It true? Steve Ballmer retirement gives Microsoft stock a jolt

Is It true? Moto X arrives as Moto Maker opens its customization doors

Is It true? 3D Printing support for Windows 8.1 solidified: as easy as paper

Is It true? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announces retirement inside a year

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is It true? Nexus 7 JSS15Q update fixes multitouch issue

Is It true? Scientists create most accurate clock in the world

Is It true? Amazon reportedly tested its own wireless network in California

Is It true? Ben Affleck crowned as next Batman

Is It true? Canon PIXMA MG7120 and MG5520 AiO printers rolled out with wireless connectivity

Is It true? Range Rover Hybrid and Sport Hybrid SUV models unveiled

Is It true? Sony Xperia Honami handset teased with power button photo

Is It true? 2014 Kia Sedona rejoins lineup after 2013 absence

Is It true? Lenovo to start bundling Windows 8 Start menu replacement Pokki

Is It true? iPhone patent flags phone status before calling

Is It true? Canon PowerShot N is a Facebook-ready point-and-shoot

Is It true? Pandora 40hr mobile limit ends Sept 1st ahead of iTunes Radio debut

Is It true? Jabra Sport Wireless Plus headset aims to detach runners with Bluetooth

Is It true? Canonical Ubuntu Edge smartphone production still a possibility

Is It true? Apple acquires Embark for maps in public transportation

Is It true? MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner arrives for reverse 3D printing

Is It true? Tim Cook to dine with Carl Icahn to speak on Share Buyback

Is It true? BMW Concept X5 eDrive teases hybrid SUV to challenge Lexus

Is It true? Yahoo reclaims top web property spot from Google in ComScore US report

Is It true? LG Enact Android slider keeps Verizon in the QWERTY business

Is It true? Samsung Series 9 SB971 monitor brings Quad HD to the masses

Is It true? Cheaper tablets incoming: low-cost touch panel pressure on in Taiwan

Is It true? Nissan Leaf Self-Driving Car First-Drive

Is It true? Apple TV plans tip towards apps while full-fledged iTV still and end-goal

Is It true? PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controllers launching in blue and red

Is It true? Kindle Fire sale hints at impending next-gen refresh

Is It true? Google Street View visits the zoo

Is It true? Google Now updates with car rentals, concert tickets, and more

Is It true? Ubuntu Edge misses crowdfunding goal by a long shot

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is It true? Canon PowerShot line expanded with four new DIGIC-powered models

Is It true? Google reportedly reserving Best Buy space in 2014 for Google Glass

Is It true? Joby MPod and GPod Mini tripods are designed for lightweight and flexible photography

Is It true? Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard and Folio promise slim iPad Mini protection

Is It true? Lenovo ThinkStation E32 unveiled with Haswell, aimed at budget-focused pros

Is It true? Gold iPhone 5S hardware dummy appears aside standard black and white

Is It true? PlayStation Network to go down tomorrow for maintenance

Is It true? Telepathy One wearable Google Glass rival scores millions in initial funding round

Is It true? HP Q3 2013 droops; Whitman praises ability to predict sliding finances

Is It true? Time Warner Cable will restore CBS temporarily for political debates

Is It true? Zuckerberg’s 5bn internet aim may be naive experts warn

Is It true? NSA starts security Tumblr after Obama insists on greater openness

Is It true? NSA unlawfully stored 56,000 US emails a year, 2011 court ruling reveals

Is It true? Facebook Embedded Posts switch-on fully with video and mobile tweaks

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy Golden brings dual-screen Android flip-phone on second tier