Thursday, October 3, 2013

Is It true? Government charges 13 alleged Anonymous members

Is It true? 2.9 million Adobe customer IDs involved in hacker attack

Is It true? Twitter IPO plans revealed

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto Online issues update as soon as tomorrow

Is It true? Instagram advertisements to run alongside photos and video

Is It true? Apple buys Cue for Siri’s next Google Now assault

Is It true? Nike FuelBand 2 expected with battery boost on October 15

Is It true? Samsung Mobile product chief makes surprise sudden exit

Is It true? Facebook Home update adds Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram

Is It true? Google Play Music finally coming to iPhone and iPad this month

Is It true? Amazon Firetube trademark likely aimed at TV box Second Screen companion

Is It true? Amazon Phone “Smith” tip appears with 3D interface

Is It true? Android KitKat explored in early build: Key Lime Pie solidified

Is It true? Samsung HomeSync Android TV box appearing this month, Jelly Bean in tow

Is It true? Blizzident toothbrush cleans teeth in 6 seconds

Is It true? Medieval volcanic eruption may have caused a year with no summer in 1258

Is It true? Walmart corners LED light bulb market with new bulb line

Is It true? PlayStation 4 predicted to outsell the Xbox One over the holiday season

Is It true? HAPIfork Bluetooth eating utensil ships to Kickstarter backers

Is It true? Memoto lifelogger renamed Narrative Clip ahead of Nov 1st release

Is It true? PayPal now accepted as payment method on Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub stores

Is It true? Rdio free mobile streaming launches in US, Canada and Australia

Is It true? Netflix full HD streaming and AirPlay capability hit iPhone and iPad

Is It true? Gateway One ZX4270 AIO features a 19.5-inch HD screen and AMD Vision A4 5000 CPU

Is It true? Belkin Express Dock for iPad lets you charge without removing your case

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is It true? Apple spaceship headquarters approved by Cupertino planning commission

Is It true? Chromebooks now being utilized by 22% of K-12 US school districts

Is It true? Tesla Model S battery pack fire results from debris collision, stocks tumble

Is It true? LG G Flex curved smartphone tipped for November unveiling

Is It true? iTunes Radio to stream pre-release albums

Is It true? NSA conducted test on identifying US cell phone locations

Is It true? Target Brightspot will offer prepaid mobile plans starting October 6

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy Gear could get Smart TV integration

Is It true? Google buys Flutter “Kinect for OS X” motion-tracking developer

Is It true? Android Touch ID alternative in early 2014 promises FIDO Alliance

Is It true? Facebook WiFi offers in-store internet if you check-in

Is It true? Nokia HERE offline maps given incremental updates for tiny changes

Is It true? Silk Road raided: Flawed mastermind arrested and $3.6m Bitcoins seized

Is It true? Fitbit Force leaks with step counting and watch display

Is It true? Dell Venue 7 and 8 aim to undercut Nexus 7 with Intel innards

Is It true? Dell XPS 15 with Quad HD+ touchscreen and XPS 13 touch revealed

Is It true? Apple grabs cable and IP expert for presumed Apple TV push

Is It true? RCA Internet Music System makes Android tablet a centerpiece

Is It true? iOS 7.0.3 appears, making way for iPad reboot

Is It true? WD My Cloud offers remote access and 4 TB of storage

Is It true? Fifth-gen Getac B300 notebook gets Haswell power and multicarrier 4G

Is It true? NEC EA193Mi 19-inch display packs AH-IPS panel

Is It true? GameStick Dock gets FCC approval ahead of launch

Is It true? Vertu Constellation smartphone uses sapphire crystal front and Android 4.2

Is It true? iOS push email returns to Germany

Is It true? LG Z smartphone tipped to feature a curved screen

Is It true? HP EliteBook 800 series ultrabooks have up to 33 hours of battery life

Is It true? Retina display iPad mini delayed claim sources

Is It true? HTC One chipset goes under the knife to avoid import ban

Is It true? Chromecast gets Hulu Plus streaming service

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is It true? Mighty No. 9 hits Kickstarter goal as campaign reaches its end

Is It true? Apple working on iMessage fix for bug affecting some users

Is It true? Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Review

Is It true? iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c now available from Virgin Mobile

Is It true? Microsoft investors reportedly pushing for Bill Gates to step down

Is It true? Windows 7 market share growth sees first outpacing of Windows 8

Is It true? Google near EU search antitrust settlement with extra concessions

Is It true? Scribd launches cross-platform ebook subscription service

Is It true? 2014 KIA Soul EV teased for all-electric drivers

Is It true? FreedomPop adds free monthly calls and texts on top of data

Is It true? Surface in “multiple aspect ratios and sizes” Microsoft VP promises

Is It true? Banksy uses cellphone service to turn NYC to outdoor art gallery

Is It true? Qualcomm joins PMA, aims for wireless charging standardization

Is It true? Half-Life 3 trademark filed for by Valve

Is It true? Galaxy Note 3 not the only one free of “benchmark shenanigans” accusations

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto Online is down for many, not just you

Is It true? Nexus 5 hardware photographed: launch imminent

Is It true? MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanners ship while new filaments flow

Is It true? Hyundai “Yellowcake” Veloster Turbo is SEMA bound

Is It true? Android tablets outsell iPads for the first time as smaller tablets rock the market

Is It true? 3Doodler pens ship to Kickstarter backers

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Review

Is It true? BMW Navigator V by Garmin feature 5-inch glove friendly screen

Is It true? Waterproof Sony Walkman W274S aims at active users

Is It true? Acer Aspire ZC-605 19.5-inch AIO uses Intel Pentium 2127U dual-core CPU

Is It true? SparkPeople Spark Activity Tracker hands-on

Is It true? Lenovo B750 AIO has a 29-inch 21:9 display and Core i7 power

Is It true? San Diego Fashion Valley Mall gets first public SAE combo DC fast charging station for EVs

Is It true? GoPro HERO3+ camera is 23% smaller than last-gen GoPro camera

Is It true? UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker has 10 hours of battery life and big bass

Monday, September 30, 2013

Is It true? DoCoMo glasses concept turns any surface into a touchscreen

Is It true? Toyota i-Road urban tandem two-seater vehicle specs detailed at CEATEC 2013

Is It true? Moon “different dimension vehicle” has wing-shaped turning signals, dual on-board motors

Is It true? NTT DoCoMo details 5G network ambitions, is aiming for 2020

Is It true? Pioneer Smart Car Cockpit Concept includes biometric sensors and HUD

Is It true? Sharp Health Care Support Chair offers next-gen medical diagnostics

Is It true? Sharp Mebius Pad tablet PC offers Windows 8.1 and detachable keyboard

Is It true? PISTON Console FAQ brings slew of details ahead of pre-order shipments

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto Online launch Tuesday could see server melt-down

Is It true? NASA details plans in event of government shut down

Is It true? iPad close to takeoff and landing approval

Is It true? Google Web Designer targets easy HTML5 animation (and Tumblr will love it)

Is It true? BitTorrent Chat promises encrypted P2P chat away from NSA prying

Is It true? Google BufferBox hits San Francisco as online order lockers spreak

Is It true? PlayStation 4 PSN boost will avoid GTA5-style download nightmare Sony says

Is It true? Breaking Bad finale sees record 10.3m viewers

Is It true? Apple iMac 27-inch (2013) Review

Is It true? NSA Marina metadata tracking hoards online social lives of millions

Is It true? Sharp 15.6-inch 4K2K IGZO display ideal fit for MacBook Pro Retina update

Is It true? Windows 8.1 makes cloud storage viable SkyDrive “smart files” search from desktop

Is It true? Moto X budget model “DVX” appears at FCC

Is It true? Gold iPhone 5s madness reaches fever pitch: China turns to stickers

Is It true? Curiosity Rover finds no evidence of methane on Mars

Is It true? Sony Xperia Z1 mini leaked with Snapdragon 800 chipset and 20.7-megapixel camera

Is It true? FIFA 14 jacks GTA 5′s top spot on UK game charts

Is It true? HTC Butterfly 2 front panels leak

Is It true? iPhone comparison video shows how Apple has improved over time

Is It true? Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S4, S III, Note II confirmed by French carrier SFR

Is It true? Smartphones help the visually impaired navigate their daily lives

Is It true? LG G Pro Lite Dual phablet features 5.5-inch screen and dual-core 1 GHz processor

Is It true? Brinno Camera offers bundles for bike and selfies

Is It true? Acer Iconia W4 sighted in hands-on video, powered by Intel Bay Trail

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Is It true? iPhone detects earthquakes: seismologists envision universal detection grid

Is It true? Apple most valuable brand of 2013, leaves Coca-Cola in the dust

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto Online in-game payments for cash: Rockstar confirms

Is It true? iPad 5 hardware given early up-close look in video rundown

Is It true? Ushahidi crowdmapping software reveals silenced Sudanese civil unrest

Is It true? Gmail app update appears with advertisements: more on the horizon

Is It true? Apple launches Employees on Apple, acknowledges artistic workforce

Is It true? Steve Ballmer delivers his final emotional speech to Microsoft employees

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is It true? Google Search for Android gets “OK Google” hotword

Is It true? Google Offers refunds expired deals for forgetful users

Is It true? iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 in Space Gray: measured and compared

Is It true? Standford particle accelerator delivered smaller than grain of rice

Is It true? Google time machine shows search engine at birth

Is It true? Candy Crush creator King “privately” files for a Royal IPO

Is It true? ChallengeDyson publicly puts Dyson engineers to the test

Is It true? Faces of Facebook packs 1.26 billion faces, looks like TV snow

Is It true? Love it or hate it, you have no choice but to download iOS 7

Friday, September 27, 2013

Is It true? Microsoft now accepting iPhones in addition to iPad trade-in promotion

Is It true? HTC One Max rumored for October 17th unveiling

Is It true? Microsoft releases early 2013 law enforcement data request numbers

Is It true? Google hit with pending financial sanctions in France over privacy law snafu

Is It true? Apple settles class action lawsuit over termination of unlimited data for iPad 3G

Is It true? Government officials say Iran hacked unclassified Navy computer network

Is It true? Facebook revamping News Feed advertisements

Is It true? Surface Mini in 2014 insiders say as Xbox One soaks up Windows devs

Is It true? Lavabit appeals filing reveals info as government pushes against unsealing request

Is It true? Moto X budget model tipped for off-contract dominance

Is It true? Crash-avoidance tech rated as safest “smart cars” named

Is It true? iOS 7 Waterproof hoax expands with “AirDrop protection”

Is It true? Nissan self-driving Leaf first to ride on Japanese roads

Is It true? Google celebrates 15th birthday in its original home: a garage

Is It true? Surface 2 beats out iPad, Nokia tablet for Delta pilots

Is It true? Apple hires Nike FuelBand designer for iWatch wearable project

Is It true? Intel TV launch pushed to 2014 as partners sought

Is It true? Ecosystem lock-in a key danger EC chief says as Samsung proposes deal

Is It true? Steam Controller revealed: the missing link for SteamOS

Is It true? Firefox screen mirroring in the works: still an experiment

Is It true? HTC boots Beats in final share sell-off

Is It true? Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s and 5c prepaid sales launch detailed

Is It true? iPad mini 2 in Gold: slate appears with Touch ID

Is It true? China approves removal plans for video game console ban after 13 years

Is It true? BeeWi KickBee Bluetooth Mini Robot can play soccer or sumo

Is It true? Broadcom, Samsung, and others form benchmarking consortium for mobile devices

Is It true? EU committee to introduce legislation requiring common smartphone chargers

Is It true? Yamaha YSP-1400 and YAS-152 sound bars rock built-in subwoofers and Bluetooth connectivity

Is It true? Sony VPL-VW1100ES and VPL-VW600ES projectors support 4K content and upscaling

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is It true? FAA reportedly okays use of electronics on planes during takeoff and landing

Is It true? LG Ultra HD LA9650 55″ and 65″ TVs introduced, launch in US this month

Is It true? Toyota and Nissan announce recalls over rollaway risk and sensor issues

Is It true? Xbox Fitness for Xbox One unveiled with promotion for Live Gold members

Is It true? Pentax K-3 DSLR press shot and specs leak

Is It true? Microsoft reportedly to merge Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into single offering

Is It true? Hyperloop project scores former SpaceX director, applications are now open

Is It true? Sony Reader PRS-T3 won’t be launched in US due to market changes

Is It true? Intel reportedly in talks with Samsung and Amazon for Web TV backing

Is It true? Netflix Super HD goes live for all subscribers

Is It true? Ford CEO reportedly top pick to replace Ballmer as Microsoft chief

Is It true? Facebook post editing activated at long last

Is It true? Apple RED contributions applauded by Bono as “leading the crew”

Is It true? Apple autograph patent aims to replace physical John Hancocks

Is It true? Google Hummingbird secretly supercharged search a month ago

Is It true? Google Glass local app support tipped for October XE10 update

Is It true? This is where Ctrl+Alt+Del came from

Is It true? Evernote Post-It notes trigger actions based on color

Is It true? Is Apple’s iPhone pricing outrageous or sound business?

Is It true? iOS 7.0.2 out now: Lockscreen bypass fixed

Is It true? Acer TravelMate X313 convertible “Ultrabook” stretches limits on the name

Is It true? Ford buys Livio for single in-car infotainment and app standard push

Is It true? Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition pre-order starts tomorrow

Is It true? Stir Kinetic Desk hands-on: The standing desk gets smart

Is It true? Alcatel One Touch Fierce and Evolve head to T-Mobile USA

Is It true? HTC One Developer Edition gets Android 4.3 Update

Is It true? Mugenizer N11 portable battery supports Qi wireless charging

Is It true? Nexus 5 graphics benchmarks tipped

Is It true? Firefox OS finds its way onto APC Rock and Paper

Is It true? Hopster streaming service is for kids only

Is It true? Hive Active Heating Control platform allows remote thermostat control

Is It true? AMD Radeon R9 and R7 series graphics support UltraHD gaming

Is It true? Google Hangouts flaw sends messages to the wrong recipients

Is It true? AMD Gaming Evolved app aims to make gaming PCs as easy to use as consoles

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is It true? Blackberry cancels earnings call scheduled for Friday

Is It true? BMW C Evolution “green” scooter slated for 2014 launch

Is It true? Solar cell developed with highest efficiency ever at 44.7%

Is It true? Nest unveils developer program for Learning Thermostat

Is It true? Google+ gains improved RAW to JPEG conversion

Is It true? Target Ticket video service launches to the public, offers digital downloads

Is It true? America’s Cup winner Team Oracle takes second sailing race trophy

Is It true? Apple TV one-tap setup from iPhone quietly capitalizes on Bluetooth LE

Is It true? T-Mobile axes BlackBerry 10 in-store stock

Is It true? Google Shopping Express courts early adopters with free membership and deliveries

Is It true? Nova moves the flash off your smartphone for superior lighting

Is It true? C Spire “Fiber to the Home” makes communities beg for Gigabit Internet

Is It true? Ford Battles Nissan for City Contracts with Taxi of the Future

Is It true? PlayStation Network is down today for scheduled maintenance

Is It true? Steam Machines: in 2014, Valve outmodes Xbox One and PS4

Is It true? Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router brings landline voice support

Is It true? Grand Theft Auto V Online in-game purchases appear: “fleeting” cash cards

Is It true? YouTube Audio Library brings royalty-free downloadable tunes to public

Is It true? Dell drops Windows RT as XPS 10 tablet quietly discontinued

Is It true? iMac 2013 sees iFixit teardown: SSD slot free for upgrade

Is It true? Galaxy Note 3 SIM limitations surface for first pre-orders

Is It true? Samsung Galaxy S4 surfaces in golden clad hues

Is It true? Westone W-Series earphones feature interchangeable cable and faceplates

Is It true? Redesigned Western Digital My Book external HDDs offer up to 4 TB

Is It true? Epson Powerlite Pro Cinema 6030UB and Home Cinema 5030UB/UBe support 2-D and 3-D content

Is It true? PlayStation 4 screenshots show off new home screen UI and video editing

Is It true? BitTorrent and uTorrent removed from Google piracy search filter, return to autocomplete

Is It true? LG EA73 and LN450W 29-inch LED monitors support 21:9 aspect ratio

Is It true? Dell Inspiron 7000 notebooks and Inspiron 23 AIO break cover

Is It true? EA Sports F